TODAY’S MANNA for Sunday, Jan 22, 2017

Did you now that God loves ALL people, everywhere in the World?

Give thanks to the Lord, call on His Name; make known among the nations what He has done and proclaim that His Name is exalted.
Isaiah 12:4 New International Version

It is wrong to think God’s love for the nations began only with Jesus and the Great Commission. Remember Jonah’s preaching to save Israel’s great enemy, Nineveh and the whale? Remember the precious story of Ruth? How about how He used the harlot Rahab to protect his people. God loves all people (not just Christians!) and wants them to come to share in the truth of the knowledge in Him and in His grace. As Christians, we are His salt and His light. We are here as His great workmen, to touch all the peoples of the world and to share with them The Truth that will set them free. We are to convince them to listen to and believe The Truth of His Word and to repent and turn from their worldly ways unto the Father through Jesus who gave His life for them.

Most Holy God, I give You praise and glory and thanks giving forever. Father I thank You for Your covenant promises made through Jesus for us. Holy Father, stir within our hearts a greater passion to share Your love with the world. May our lives, our money, and our concerns be used to do more of Your work throughout the world. Father I thank You for Your protection and care of all those who share the Gospel of Jesus especially in a culture other than their own. I know that You are not a man that should lie and that what You have promised in Your Word must be true. In Jesus mighty name, I give You praise and glory forever.

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