TODAY’S MANNA Challenge, May 18, 2017

I have a New Year’s Challenge for each of you that I believe is from God.
God wants to raise the Standard even more!

God has said it is time to get His Good News to more people!
He said the world must know He’s a Good God with Good promises.
He said the those who don’t know His Son Jesus, need to meet Him.

Here’s His New Year’s challenge to each of you who receive this e-mail.
I know that each of you have at least 10 friends or acquaintances in your email address book. (Maybe more)
I challenge you to forward the “Today’s Manna” that you receive to each of them with the suggestion that they subscribe themselves to the list for future mailings using the “Subscribe” link at the very bottom of each mailing.

Even if only one out of each ten subscribe we will double the number of people receiving God’s Word!!
Are you up for the challenge?
(Don’t be afraid to send these to people just because they’re not Christians, that’s who God wants to get them.)
It’s time people to spread the Good News of our Good God.

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